Wooden Wedding Signs

Wooden Signs

An important element in my rustic country themed wedding.  Aside from using it as signs to show directions ( Reception, Cocktails, etc ) or use it to inject on both humor and inspiration to the ceremony. It also makes the celebration more personal. It makes the guests more welcomed.

The more aged the wood the better. I love that it doesn’t have to be perfectly shaped and polished. The weathering effect adds detail to the rustic scheme.  I was lucky to get some old wood from a friend running a lumber yard business. You can actually just collect scraps of wood from practically anywhere. My fiance had their studio renovated recently so I got to talk him into keeping all the extra wood for me. The problem is that they look too new.

Here’s How to Age wood:

Use steel wool soaked in apple cider vinegar solution on your new wood and you’ll get that weary oakwood look after a few —

steel wool wood

Check this tutorial for the step by step guide 🙂

Now here’s the hard part if your handwriting is as awful as mine — LETTERING.

It doesn’t have to be fancy but it can’t be looking like it’s done by a kindergarten toddler.

So here are a few links I’ve compiled to help you how to put on those words..

Do it with stickers! 

or an inkjet/laser printer

trace it

if you can get yourself a vinyl decal or vinyl lettering, why not?

I’m not the artisan type but i sure have an eye for good craft.



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